Wolves love to play. When they are not hunting or sleeping, wolves are usually out exploring or playing.

Look at the wolves in the picture below.

These guys are playing push and shove, one of the more popular games wolves play. In this game, the wolves try to grab each other by the fur on the neck and pull the other wolf around. It is sort of like a wrestling match.

Push and Shove Demo


Shown below is the classic play stance. The ears are back and pointed up. The wolf on the right is saying, lets play. It is up to the wolf on the left to say: Okay joe, lets go.

Wolves will also use the play bow. The wolf spreads its legs apart and bows down. I am sure you have seen dogs do this.

Group play is common. Here three wolves are playing with each other. Tag is a favorite game played by a group of wolves. The object of tag is to pick out one wolf and nip at him. The wolf that was picked out is considered "it". A little while later, another wolf will be it.

SPEAKING OF TAG. Below are two wolves having a fun game of tag. The wolf that is doing the chasing will catch the other wolf and nip him on the rear. The wolf that was nipped will then have to chase the other wolf. Wolves never seem to tire of this game. They like to play it on frozen lakes.


Wolves will also play alone. This guy was caught in the act of rubbing himself in the snow. A moment earlier he was on his back shuckin' and jivin'. Making the wolf equivalent of a snow angel.

But, when it is all done and the play is over. It is time to stretch out and take a long deserved nap.

Did I tell you that wolves are a little lazy?


Wolves play the following games:

  • Tag

  • Push and Shove

  • Wrestle

  • Flag - Flag is played with a piece of hide from some dead animal. A wolf grabs the hide and the other wolves try to catch him and take it away from him.

Gotta roll, got some shuckin' and jivin' to do myself.

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